Why France

France, a country where life is good.


More than 3000 hospitals.

Health Care Access

Access to healthcare for all.


Close to patients.

Hospital Centers

Innovative hospital centers.


France, a country where life is good.

France ranks 6th in the world for life expectancy at healthy birth (WEF, 2017-2018). It is the 1st country of the OECD in terms of accessibility to health, with a chargeable cost households significantly lower than the OECD average (OECD.)


Close to patients.

With 365,000 medical professionals including 226,219 physicians, France offers a range of care that is as close as possible to the patient. It has, on average, 3.4 doctors per 1,000 inhabitants (DREES, Insee).


Innovative hospital centers.

France has 32 university hospital centers (CHU) and 7 university hospital institutes (IHU), the latter bringing together within a university hospital, research teams, nursing staff and companies developing innovative projects. Since 1958, 127 world premieres have been performed by French university hospitals (network-chu.org).


Access to healthcare for all.

France is the OECD country where the remainder to be paid (costs remaining payable by patients) is the lowest: it represents less than 10% of total health expenditure, against 12% in Germany and 15.1 % in the United Kingdom (OECD).


More than 3000 hospitals.

France has 3,065 hospitals, including 1,376 public hospitals, 686 private hospitals of collective interest and 1,003 private for-profit hospitals (DRESS, 2018). It ranks 9th among (OECD) countries for the number of hospital beds per capita (6.1 / 1000 inhabitants) in 2016 (OECD).


AP-HP, Europe's leading hospital group.

With 39 hospitals and 10 million patients per year, Assistance publique - Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) is the leading European university hospital center. It represents 50% of clinical research in France. At the end of 2016, AP-HP created its subsidiary "AP-HP International" in order to provide services and expertise at the international level. She carried out projects in 17 foreign countries in 2017.


2.5 million patients treated with telemedicine.

The 2018 social security financing law (LFSS) introduced the support of teleconsultation by social security. MédecinDirect, Hellocare or even H4D are French telemedicine solutions (France Biotech, 2018).


Even closer to patients.

INSERM ranks 2nd and AP-HP 11th in the ranking of health research institutes carried out by Scimago. France is the only country, along with the United States to appear in the top 15. The CNRS is the 2nd research organization in the Nature Index 2018 ranking. The CEA is one of the 100 most innovative organizations in the Clarivate Analytics ranking.


Hospital centers.

In France, home hospitalization is increasing. In 2017, there were around 300 active authorized structures, nearly 116,000 beneficiary patients, this care gave rise to 5.2 million home care days, an increase of 5.1% compared to 2016 (ATIH, 2018 ).
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