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The nature and status of health insurance and mutual are their main difference.​

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Why is it important to have good insurance?

The principle of insurance is based on the concept of risk, that is to say exposure to a potential danger inherent in a situation or an activity and the financial consequences of which, whether they are related to property or people.

One year and more (offer dedicated to professionals)

Health costs guarantee from the first euro or in addition to the fund for French people living abroad.
A formula concerning Hospitalization,
A formula for routine care.
A formula concerning motherhood. Modular option: Optical-Dental.
A funeral allowance included in the cover Health costs Additional guarantees, repatriation assistance,
Civil liability private life Death benefit and total and irreversible loss of autonomy,
work stoppage indemnities, education and spouse's pensions.
Employees of the company on long-term expatriation Worldwide, according to the coverage areas subscribed to.

Up to 90 consecutive days of insurance

2 offers to choose from:
1. One-off trips (up to 90 consecutive days): with a non-binding offer, valid for up to 25 employees traveling at the same time.

2. Regular trips (up to 180 consecutive days / year): offer with commitment, valid for a global workforce of up to 300 employees.
Supplementary guarantee package: Repatriation assistance and medical costs abroad, Travel incidents, Death and disability guarantee following an accident, Crisis management and safety, Liability insurance, Pre-travel benefits. Employees of companies that travel internationally around the world including France, DROM (excluding country of nationality

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Good to know: By choosing zone 1, policyholders will be covered worldwide. Choice of coverage area.

Additional guarantees

Complete repatriation assistance package and private life liability

Sold as a pack only in addition to the health costs guarantee, more comprehensive assistance guarantees than basic repatriation assistance (natural disaster attack, etc.)

Death benefit and total and irreversible loss of autonomy

Maximum amount of capital at € 500,000, reduced medical formalities.

Compensation for sick leave for medical reasons:

Maximum amount of daily allowances at 500 € / US $ Reduced medical formalities.

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