Medical Procedure

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Family history of cardiovascular disease, inherited lipid disorder among
family members.

Examinations Performed

Consultation with a cardiologist. Biological examination (lipid balance,
cholesterol, triglycemia, HDC, glycemia, hormonal, hepatic and renal).
Resting electrocardiogram / stress test, cardiac ultrasound.

Plan your next trip

Before your trip

We anticipate your needs : Consultation with a suitable specialist, selection of a hospital establishment and a team of specialists suited to your needs, estimate of medical costs, administrative support for the formalities for obtaining a visa, in charge of the administrative and financial formalities for the period of hospitalization as well as the associated bundles of services, insurance against complications or emergencies occurring suddenly during the support and organization of your trip to France chartering a private jet ( medically equipped and staffed as needed).

Return preparation

When it's time to go home : Organization of the return, preparation of the discharge medical file (medical reports, orders), administrative and financial management and monitoring of the evolution of the state of health in relation to the family or the doctor on the spot.

During your stay

We are available 24 hours a day : Support during disembarkation, reception / reception at the airport, transfer to the accommodation establishment (hotel, aparthotel) by a personal driver or ambulance, update of the cost assessment medical after having carried out additional examinations at the hospital center, support in the care structure with an interpreter if necessary or a member of our team, support during the period of hospitalization until discharge and planning a stay in a convalescence and rehabilitation center if necessary or return to your accommodation structure.

Assistance to your companions

The package includes the service for your loved ones : Hotel reservation or apartment rental according to your criteria, catering (proposal of special menus), tourist concierge services (tourist information, reservations, leisure activities, shopping), translator ( s) (language cannot be a burden when a patient comes for treatment in a foreign country, our team will help when they arrive) and nannies (if you are traveling with children, nanny services are available your disposal so that the children are fully taken care of during the treatments).

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