Partnerships & Institutions

For your employees and citizens, we allow them to have access to
the best treatments that cannot be offered locally at the best cost.

Medical Service

Dispatch of our patients to the appropriate hospital establishment.

Care Course

An agenda that brings together
all medical acts.

24h/24 Concierge

In order to meet all types of needs
for our patients.

Guaranteed Quality

We are here to help you with
any questions.

Institutions and business providers

With our participation we will be able to offer a range of services adapted to each patient.

A 2nd medical opinion which will confirm or refute the established diagnosis, production of a medical estimate with the care pathway for each of our patients that can be consulted by the partner organization, delegate medical and financial management, optimization of costs without sacrificing the quality of services and provision of quality service adapted to each of our patients.

Private companies.

Give yourself the means to provide our services to your employees, which will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors through an attractive service offering that will allow you to retain your employees.

Ministries, Governmental organizations, Non-governmental organization (NGO).

Service for your employees and administered in the form of a service offer package composed by us via our medical concierge service, according to the needs of our patients, whether in a process :

Vital emergency with a vital prognosis.
Medical or surgical treatment.
Prevention with annual Check UP to ensure the good health of your employees.

Insurers and Mutualists.

Bring an innovative range of services to your policyholders which will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors, retain your members and control your costs through a competitive price without sacrificing quality. If you yourself are insured, contact your insurer to confirm financial support in France.

A service for citizens from all over the world

• If you are insured, contact your insurance company to study the possibility of having your health expenses covered in France or in another country.

• Ask your employer if he/she can participate in the financial coverage.

• Contact your embassy or consulate, some of them grant coverage when certain health care is not available in their country or when the level of expertise is insufficient to guarantee good coverage (neurosurgery, heart surgery, transplants, etc.)

A service for European citizens

• Each citizen coming from a country belonging to the EU zone and insured allows them to be treated in France, therefore the health care costs will be covered by the social protection system to which you are affiliated. You will just have to pay in advance your health care expenses and then be reimbursed on the basis of the invoices that will be established.

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